ROXiBox Christmas TV ad

Cardiff Producer Steffan Morgan produced the ROXiBox Christmas TV ad with the support of Firebug Lighting.

A lot of the shoot was on location, but they came to our studio to film a few of  the scenes.  It was long couple of days including a night shoot. We used both studio 9 and studio 6. In studio 9 we built a lounge set lit with litemats and practicals. We used Studio 6 for some high speed shots of Dafydd Hywel with a load of confetti canons (It was a bit of a clear up after!)

For the high speed shots we used the lighting grid and a 5k Fresnel for the fast shutter speed, plus a couple of skypanels and asteras on hand.

The Hazer also came out for that extra bit of  Christmasy feel